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Boat builders launch ‘green’ online challenge

May 30, 2019

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The boat-builders behind one of Seawork most anticipated showcases are encouraging show goers to engage in a new environmentally friendly social media campaign.

Goodchild Marine Services Limited will be publically unveiling Leader, the UK’s first hybrid pilot cutter, at industry level during next month’s exhibition.

The boat, which is designed to be emission free when operated in electric mode, has been ordered by the Port of London Authority as part of its Clean Air Strategy, with the vessel set to enter service at Gravesend Reach.

Goodchild Reusable Bottle

Goodchild Reusable Bottle

Topically this year’s Seawork will focus on environmental issues, with all attendees asked to recycle any plastic bottles used.

To promote and support the movement Goodchild Marine will be launching The Reusable Bottle Challenge offering visitors a free reusable water bottle, which they are encouraging attendees to photograph and post on social media.

To take part in the challenge attendees are asked to follow Goodchild Marine on one or more of their social media platforms, posting a photo of the bottle with the hashtag #GMSSUSTAINABILITY

There are three categories within the challenge – travel, artistic and popularity.
The criteria for each is as follows:

Travel – evidence of the best travelled water bottle around the world, taking into account the distance travelled and how unusual the location is. The photograph must display evidence of its destination and include a person.

Artistic – Open to anyone with an artistic flair or photographic interest to allow the imagination to be explored.

Popularity – The photo with the most likes on any one social media platform.

Attendees can enter as many times as they wish and there are no limits to the number of photos individuals can post.

The top three photographs will be picked by an independent panel of judges and each winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

Steve Pierce, General Manager for Goodchild Marine said: “We have just built what Is arguably the most environmentally friendly boat of its type to date, so Seawork’s decision to make this year’s exhibition environmentally friendly with no single use plastic bottle is something we undoubtedly want to support.

“We have just been awarded the Carbon Trust’s Silver Award in Norfolk for our commitment to the environment in all our processes, so we hope that when people visit our stand and pick up a water bottle they will share their photos across social media and support our vision.”

Bottles are available from the company’s stand PB38, or from one of the two ORC pilot boats on display in the pontoon, situated at VB 28 & 31.


Editors Note:

1) Goodchild Marine reserves the right to share any photos as part of any other publicity concerning the environment, on other social media platforms, to industry and local press or any other marketing literature.

2) Each photograph posted will automatically be considered for all three categories.

3) There are no limits to the number of photographs posted by an individual.

4) Any inappropriate language or offensive photography will be immediately removed. Any other action deemed appropriate may be taken.

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