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Boat ordered from Goodchild Marine will focus on crew comfort

January 28, 2020

The new ORC 121 pilot boat for Plymouth will be delivered early summer. The design will replicate Kingfisher, the boat build by Goodchild Marine for The Port of Lowestoft.

Norfolk boat builder Goodchild Marine has secured a contract to build the third ORC 121 in a year.

The Cattewater Harbour Commissioners, Plymouth, have ordered the popular vessel from the Great Yarmouth company’s flagship range, due to its strong focus on crew safety and welfare, as well as the positive environmental credentials in this design.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) experienced by all mariners working at sea, is reduced due to the hull design, along with the resiliently mounted wheelhouse, mitigating further the impact and vibration.

Crew seating is suspended and adaptable, and noise is alleviated greatly, achieving an improved working environment.

Designed by French company Pantocarene, the ORC 121 will adopt the same design as Kingfisher, owned by The Port of Lowestoft and Sedgemoor District Council’s new boat for the Port of Bridgwater, which is currently under construction in Goodchild Marine’s yard.

Richard Allan, Deputy Harbour Master at Cattewater said he was looking forward to working once again with Goodchild Marine.

“The team at Goodchild Marine fitted out our current pilot boat, so we are very familiar with the company’s work and the calibre of it.

“One of the main draws for us is the way the ORCs are built to ensure the maximum comfort of the crew, which is incredibly important to us.

“The boats are sought after because they also take into account developing technology, fuel savings and the environmental impact, which links into the Ports Air Quality Strategy document, so we are delighted to be able to engage in this partnership.”

Steve Pierce, General Manager at Goodchild Marine said: “Working with the Cattewater Harbour, Plymouth, on this project is very exciting.

“Plymouth is an extremely busy and bustling modern port, contributing millions to the economy, so it is vital for Richard and his team to have a boat that is both strong in purpose, but also in comfort.

“Our boats are able to withstand challenging conditions and that is a big plus point, but we have worked very hard to refine the internal fit out of our boats as the comfort of the crew is paramount.”

The boat is due for delivery in early summer.

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