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Goodchild Marine Services respond to the interest in hybrid within the commercial marine sector.

February 19, 2018

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Boatbuilders Goodchild Marine Services have reacted to market interest by offering a hybrid power option on new build pilot boats.

With 40 years experience of building commercial boats the company prides itself on quality, design and innovation.

Their flagship ORC range of pilot boats are returning fantastic efficiencies on fuel savings due to their innovative hull shape.

In maximising these efficiencies the hull design lends itself to hybrid power.

The interest in hybrid is increasing for a variety of reasons and Goodchild Marine Services believe that the success of any hybrid vessel is a holistic approach to include efficient hull and vessel design, the power train, battery technology and the operating duty cycle.

Other vessels in the range which may benefit from a hybrid solution include survey vessels, harbour workboats, passenger vessels, and patrol boats.

Alan Goodchild, managing director said: “Goodchild Marine are at the forefront when it comes to considering technological developments and responding to the needs of our clients.”

If you are considering hybrid for your next vessel call us on 01493 782301 or email

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